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Submits a group order such as Bracket and OCO Orders. #### Order Cancels Order (OCO) An OCO order is a group of orders whereby if one of the orders is filled or partially-filled, then all of the other orders in the group are cancelled. #### Bracket OCO Orders A bracket order is a special instance of an OCO (Order Cancel Order). Bracket orders are used to exit an existing position. They are designed to limit loss and lock in profit by ???bracketing??? an order with a simultaneous stop and limit order. Bracket orders are limited so that the orders are all for the same symbol and are on the same side of the market (either all to sell or all to cover), and they are restricted to closing transactions. The reason that they follow these rules is because the orders need to be able to auto decrement when a partial fill occurs with one of the orders. For example, if the customer has a sell limit order for 1000 shares and a sell stop order for 1000 shares, and the limit order is partially filled for 500 shares, then the customer would want the stop to remain open, but it should automatically decrement the order to 500 shares to match the remaining open position. ### Errors When a submitted order fails, it can be seen in two different ways: - Immediately rejected during submit to the Orders API with a 400 HTTP status code. - Accepted by the API with a 200 HTTP status code, but you will see the order with a status of ???REJ??? (rejected) when you fetch the Order from the /v2/accounts/{id}/orders API #### NOTE When a group order is submitted, the order execution system treats each sibling order as an individual order. Thus, the system does not validate that each order has the same Quantity, and currently it is not able to update a bracket order as one transaction, instead you must update each order within a bracket. In order to prevent errors, please validate the data on the client side.

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curl -v "{streamdata_token}&access_token={field_value}"

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