Clover Return a list of system order types

Clover - Return a list of system order types

Merchants can create custom Order Types via "/v3/merchants/{mId}/order_types". It is useful to associate these custom order types with particular system order types in order to group things functionally. For example, a merchant may have a "Lunch Take-Out" order type and a "Dinner Take-Out" order type. These two order types can be associated with the "TAKE-OUT-TYPE" system order type so that applications can understand that they are both take-out order types.

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Clover, a First Data company, builds the largest open-architecture point of sale solution aimed at small & medium sized business owners. Our products are changing the consumer/merchant experience for the better, opening avenues for seamless customer-merchant interactions. There are five versions of Clover, including the Clover Station, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, Clover Go, and Clover Flex. With Clover, First Data is aiming to create the largest open architecture operating system for commerce-enabling solutions and applications for business owners.


Curl command through

curl -v "{mId}/system_order_types?X-Sd-Token={streamdata_token}"

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